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SIEB Teknik has several years of experience in adapting complete wireless radio communication solutions .

We have extensive technological know-how, and our customers trust our abilities to deliver the ideal solution every time. With equal amounts of precision, perfection and passion, our experienced staff takes on every challenge, to solve and improve your communication systems, both existing and new.  

At SIEB Teknik, we want to be your preferred choice. We have the market's best and most innovative partners and our solutions are based on the latest technology.

We listen and meet your expectations and requirements for a reliable and stable system, which we believe is the essence of a long-term and good collaboration.  

The key words are flexibility, robustness and reliability.



More than just stable radio communication

As Motorola Solutions' partner, SIEB Teknik delivers a wide range of total solutions based on the best and latest technology in radio communication.


We know the challenges you face in your every day, and know how important it is that you and your team can safely communicate with each other. 

With a total solution from SIEB Teknik, you ensure that your systems are protected, that two-way radios are up to date and that your teams have access to the information they need.


Two-way radio applications cover the range of critical and professional needs in network and device management solutions, strict information policies and advanced voice and text applications that ensure you have the right tools to help you in your everyday life.


  • Functional solutions

  • User friendly

  • Robust and hardy construction

  • Systems designed to scale with your organization

  • Clear and reliable audio

  • Intuitive operation



Wireless connections to your peripherals

Sierra Wireless AirLink routers and gateways securely connect your external organizational assets to your corporate network. It allows you to remotely configure, implement, monitor and manage these assets with cloud-based or local management systems.


AirLink routers and gateways are designed to be implemented without additional programming and have the intelligence to stay connected in your external vehicles or remote outdoor areas.


Applications in vehicles and other remote locations connect AirLink solutions and secure workforce, equipment and services. 

This means that secure connections can be provided for laptops, tablets, DVRs and vehicle telemetry.

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  • Offers high-performance vehicle network

  • Work smarter and streamline your mobile and peripherals

  • User friendly

  • Secure intelligent communication

  • Network administration in the cloud or in the enterprise data center

  • Dual-Band Wifi

  • Robust design for industrial and vehicle applications

  • GNSS Ethernet and Dual-serial port for connecting older equipment LTE-M / NB-loT variant for global implementation

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