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In 2014, Niels Josiasen and Michael Farbosund founded SIEB Teknik. SIEB Teknik has several years of combined experience and is today a nationwide organization, with service units strategically located throughout Denmark. Our extensive technological know-how makes our customers trust our ability to deliver the ideal solution every time. We approach the task with an equal amount of precision, perfection and passion, and we take on every challenge to solve and improve your communication and personnel security solutions.

With the most experienced team, we advise on choosing the right products to solve the desired task. For us, quality means that we consistently exceed our customers' expectations, not only in terms of product quality, but also in all parts of our business, it is everyone's responsibility to strive for the highest quality level in everything we do. We work closely with the best suppliers in the industry so we ensure the greatest possible delivery stability, which ensures the longest operating period on your particular solution.




Since 2014, SIEB Teknik has been visionary frontrunners who have been at the forefront of the development of optimal and reliable total solutions within critical communication and personal safety. Through close dialogues and collaboration, we ensure that we understand your needs and wishes, regardless of whether you are looking for a product or a solution. Our dedicated staff has extensive technical knowledge and expertise in product, installation solutions and software functions. In occupations with critical communication and personal safety, staff often work in pressured situations where reliable and clear communication is vital to their safety. At SIEB Teknik, we therefore base all our solutions on the best and latest technology, to ensure that we always meet your requirements for a reliable and security-creating system, which makes SIEB Teknik a reliable choice every time. 

"Vi lever af tilfredse kunder."

Niels Josiasen
Co-Founder & CEO 
"Jeg arbejder konstant for at levere løsninger, der overgår kundernes forventninger."

Michael Farbosund
Co-Founder & CCO

Vi mener, vi kan gøre det anderledes

Welcome to Sieb Teknik

At SIEB Teknik, we have been at the forefront since 2014 of creating total telecommunications and personnel security solutions for emergency services, municipalities and industry.  



In this video we give you a sneak peek into every day at SIEB Teknik. Our professional team is always ready to solve understanding projects with high professionalism and good humor. If you have a project for us, you are welcome to call 7020 2636 or fill out the contact form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.



Vi leverer løsninger med hardware og software produkter fra markedet førende producenter inden for erhvervs kritisk kommunikation og offentlig sikkerhed. 

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Niels Josiasen

CEO & support responsible

Michael Farbosund

Sales & marketing manager

What are we doing

Combined total wireless communication and personnel security solutions. We listen to our customers and adapt each solution to their individual needs, requirements specifications and wishes.  

  • Installation and service of wireless communications and personnel security systems

  • Nationwide mobile service department  

  • Assembly and fitting out of rescue and commercial vehicles  

  • Radio repairs regardless of brand



  • Vi reviderer og arbejder løbende på bæredygtige tiltag, for at minimere den indvirkning vores forretningsaktiviteter har på miljøet.


  • ​​Vi arbejder i fællesskab på at sikrer og fastholde et sikkert og godt fysisk og psykisk arbejdsmiljø.


  • Vi evaluerer og forbedrer jævnligt vores sociale og miljømæssige ansvar.

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